Why Capoeira for Children?

We deliver workshops in Capoeira and Brazilian percussion.   These have been from reception up to 6th form, college and University. We have a regular class with a local brownies group.

Joy (2) playing Toby (4)

Capoeira is often described as a Brazilian martial art, though it also incorporates dance, game-play, music and song.   It is great for children because it is;

  • Non-contact
  • Suitable for all abilities and aptitudes in the same class
  • Develops gross motor-skills and confidence in using them
  • Encourages self-awareness, patience and trust
  • Encourages communication which can be non-verbal (great for SEN groups)

One-Off workshops is schools aim to give participants a broad insight into both physical and cultural aspects of Capoeira (taking some or all of the elements shown below. Single workshops will typically run from 30 minutes up to 1 hour.

Typical Workshop Content
An introduction to Capoeira 
Warm-up activities and games 
Introduction to Capoeira movements.
Develop sequences of moves that participants can exchange in pairs
Explain the history of Capoeira
Take a water/toilet break!
Learn a song in Portuguese
Play some instruments
Hold a ‘roda’ where two players play while other participants stand in a circle to clap and sing

We are completely flexible and open to negotiation on times and content. Wherever possible we will work to meet your requirements.  If you have any questions regarding our work or wish for a reference please contact us.