Quick FAQ

Here are the Top 4 reasons to not try capoeira;

I’m not flexible enough
None of us are, or were!  We started capoeira to become flexible, to control our bodies, to avoid denting the sofa and to have fun at the same time.

I’m too old
The grand master of our group is 78 years old and still playing.  Adam, the teacher of this group is 42 and started in his mid-twenties.  We have several members who started in the their 30’s and 40’s.  People start yoga, tai chi and other activities at all ages, and capoeira is no different.

I don’t like martial arts
Capoeira is not like other martial arts.  It incorporates aspects of game play and dance that take the art form beyond that of learning to strike.  In fact, we don’t teach you how to strike other people.

Capoeira is not a proper martial art
Capoeira was developed to not look like a martial art.  Every single move you see in capoeira has a martial aspect that can be applied.  Or not.  And this is the start of the game

I’ve never done anything like this before….

Do I need to be fit/flexible/active/experienced?    No.  You will naturally become fitter/more flexible/more active and experienced through coming to our classes.  Movements such bridges, cartwheels, kicks and dodges will be delivered and adapted to your level of experience and fitness.  Capoeira is suitable for all ages and levels of ability.

Will I be graded or expected to pass tests?  No.  Capoeira is unique in how students are graded and belted.  We have an annual grading ceremony every year where you will have the chance to play against masters but there are no formal tests or expectations put on students and development is always at your own pace.

So I just turn up?  Yes.  Bring/wear clothes suitable for exercise and some water.  Bare feet are best, but if you want to wear trainers the best are low profile close fitting shoes.

And children?  Children develop at vastly different rates so the age range for our classes is only a guide.  Our ‘Little Legs Big Legs’ class is for those aged roughly 4-7 and parents/guardians will have a chance to join in (which is not compulsory!).   We have a separate class for 7-11 year olds on a Friday.   Children can come to the adult classes from the age of 11 if supervised and from 16 unsupervised. Please get in touch with any questions.

Are you qualified?  Yes.  Instructor Adam has over 10 years of teaching capoeira starting with helping his teacher at beginners classes in 2003.  He holds a DBS Clearance Certificate, First Aid Certificate, Insurance and a professional teaching qualification all of which you are welcome to view at any time.