Developed by African slaves and their descendants in Brazil, Capoeira eludes an easy definition and instead pulls the elements of dance, game-play and martial art together. 

Joins us for a day of Summer fun!

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We have regular classes in Derby city for children and adults and we provide workshops and demonstrations of capoeira and Brazilian percussion throughout the local area.

We have a beginner’s class Thursdays.

Cordao de Ouro (“Belt of Gold”) is one of the largest associations of capoeira in the world with the headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  The groups is governed my Mestre Suassuna.

Mestre Papa Leguas (“Master RoadRunner”) heads up groups in England, Scotland, Italy, Russian, The Ukraine, Japan, Create and Indonesia.

Contra-Mestre Adam (Espantalho) who runs CDO Derby is one of Mestre Papa Leguas’ first students.  He started training in 2001 and began teaching in 2004.  He has also dedicated over 15 years to learning and teaching Afro-Brazilian percussion.

For more information about the group, including booking us for workshops and demonstrations please browse the links above or contact Adam on 07746 809748.